KCK Bishop Opens Catholic School Media Arts & Rhetoric Center: 'To Communicate The Truth'

Here's a nice news link because it offers a glimpse at local students and faith community getting access to new tech with guidance from instructors.

Check the Catholic spin amid the ongoing war for the discourse . . .

Hefting golden sledgehammers, Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and St. James president Andy Tylicki took a few whacks at the Sheetrock behind the counter of the former media center — that’s the library for you older folks.

Afterward, the archbishop and Tylicki passed their tools to four youths representing the students, who also took their swings.

The event, which included a blessing as well, was to ceremoniously start the conversion of the former media center into the Center for Media Arts & Rhetoric, plus space for campus ministry, computer science, career exploration, and other office and multiple use spaces.

“This is a first for me,” said Archbishop Naumann. “I’ve never been at a wall breaking. A groundbreaking, but not wall breaking. As I understand it, you’re going to have a school without a library. It’s the 21st century. [Students] carry their library with them in their computers. And this space will be repurposed . . . to help form our students to be able to communicate the truth and bring the truth of the Gospel for others and create space for the most important part of St. James, which is our campus ministry.”

The renovation of the 5,200-square-foot space will cost just over $1 million and be completed by August. The funds for the project have been raised. After completion of this first phase, a second campus improvement phase will be done in 2023, which is the renovation of existing space for the new Spark Academic Support Center.

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St. James undertakes $1 million media center conversion - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

by Joe Bollig joe.bollig@theleaven.org LENEXA - It's not every day that you can see an archbishop enthusiastically smashing the wall of a Catholic school. But that's what happened here in Lenexa at St. James Academy's wall-breaking ceremony on March 24. No, the archbishop hadn't gone rogue - the destruction had a purpose.