KC Tenants Booted From Jackson County Courthouse Amid Mobile Home Move Out Protest

City Hall has shown a great deal of patience with local "housing rights" activists. MEANWHILE, legislators at the courthouse aren't quite as tolerant. 

More the point . . . For better and worse, the current housing frenzy and worsening polling numbers for Prez Biden have served to take the steam out of progressive activism.

Here's a glimpse at today's disturbance . . .

On Monday, protesters at the Jackson County Legislature’s regular weekly meeting said those folks need more compassion, not eviction notices. But their object wasn’t a discussion.

KC Tenants, a local renters rights organization, had sent out a notice ahead of the protest, alerting the news media of their plans to disrupt the meeting and accusing the county of failing to follow through on its commitment to find everyone who lived at Heart Village a new home before commencing construction.

The protest was timed to coincide with action items on the agenda dealing with jail issues. But those items were held over until next week in committee meetings that occurred earlier in the morning.

When the jail did not come up during the regular meeting, KC Tenants members, wearing their trademark yellow T-shirts, began shouting from their seats.

Legislators listened for a couple of minutes to their loud complaints, then ejected more than one dozen protesters for being rowdy.

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KC Tenants members evicted from Jackson County legislative meeting after staging protest

Ninety-nine of 106 households have been relocated from the trailer park that will become home to the new Jackson County Detention Center. But for some of the handful of folks who remain at Heart Village mobile home park, finding a new place to live has been a struggle.