Kansas Supremes Uphold Map Dividing The Dotte: Adiós Sharice?!?

Today . . . Here's today's' news that seems to be bringing down our progressive pals . . .


Of course there's always a chance that she might be able to convince her new district of her abilities.

And while this is part of "the game" . . . The big picture for GOP opponents is that they're tacitly admitting they couldn't win without subverting her "home field" advantage . . . In the long term this isn't a good strategy given that the history of the world teaches us that densely populated places EVENTUALLY AND ALWAYS dominate rural area politics.

Here's damage . . .

"The state's highest court reversed a lower court decision that found the Republican-led Kansas Legislature drew a map that was racially and politically gerrymandered."

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Kansas Supreme Court upholds controversial GOP-drawn congressional redistricting map

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a congressional map drawn by lawmakers is legal under the Kansas Constitution. That creates a landmark decision in the state court that had never previously considered the legality of gerrymandering. The ruling upholds the map and helps Republicans trying to maintain, or even increase, their hold over the state's congressional delegation.

Redistricting fight: Kansas Supreme Court reverses Ad Astra 2 injunction

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two days after hearing oral arguments in a trio of combined cases challenging the Kansas legislature's Ad Astra 2 map , the Kansas Supreme Court reversed a Wyandotte County District Court judge's decision that declared the map unconstitutional.

After long court battle, Kansas Supreme Court votes to uphold controversial new legislative maps

The Kansas Supreme Court has handed down its opinions in the long-winded battle over new congressional and state legislative district maps in the state. In a two-case release Wednesday, the Kansas Supreme Court voted to uphold the newly-redrawn congressional and legislative districts.In the case regarding the "Validity of Substitute for Senate Bill 563," the Supreme Court unanimously voted to uphold the validity of the newly-redrawn state senatorial and representative districts.In the case Rivera vs.

Kansas Supreme Court upholds congressional map

TOPEKA, Kan. - The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld the congressional map lawmakers drew despite a lower judge's argument that it violates the rights of Kansans. The court's majority opinion, written by Justice Caleb Stegal, was released Wednesday morning. The state supreme court made the decision after hearing oral arguments Monday.

UPDATE . . . 


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Amanda Adkins, candidate for Congress in Kansas’ Third Congressional District, released the below statement following the finalization of the redistricting process in Kansas:

“The map released today is evidence that our democratic process works,” said Adkins. “I welcome the people of Anderson, Franklin, and southern Miami counties to KS-03 and am excited to get to work for the new district, a thriving community of urban, suburban, and rural areas. ”

“KS-03 deserves a Congresswoman who has a plan for our community. There are so many crucial issues that Washington should be working to address right now, from rising prices at the grocery store and the gas pump to the crisis at our southern border,” Adkins stated. “I’m running for Congress to work towards solutions to these issues and to help get our country back on track.” 

“My team and I are ready to hit the ground running in the new district and I look forward to representing the people of Anderson, Franklin, Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte counties in Congress.”


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