Kansas Sen. Marshall Joins Sex Fight Against Mickey 'Imagineering' Youngster Gender

The battle over gender politics persist as a local politico joins a right-wing coalition against an international media conglomerate. 

About the headline . . . 

"Walt Disney "Imagineering" is the creative engine that designs and builds all Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, and cruise ships worldwide, and oversees the creative aspects of Disney games, merchandise product development, and publishing businesses."

i.e. - Silly corporate jargon that has pretty much killed creativity across the world over the course of a generation.

Here's part of the damage . . .

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) says he joined Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Mike Braun (R-Ind.), Steve Daines (R- Mont.), and Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) to send a letter to the Chairman of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board in response to Disney’s latest campaign.

Marshall said Disney’s campaign aims to “embed left-wing sexual politics in its children’s programming” and has requested the Board to update their guidelines to include ratings on content related to gender dysphoria and help inform parents of the content.

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Senators urge new TV parental guidelines in light of Disney's gender inclusion campaign

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Senator Roger Marshall has joined a letter to condemn Disney and urge the TV Parental Guidelines board to impose new restrictions in light of the company's latest campaign aimed at gender inclusion. U.S. Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) says he joined Sens.