Kansas Republican La Migra Crackdown Coming Soon To The Dotte?!?

Probably not given how much locals across the metro seem to enjoy cheap labor.

Also . . . Under Prez Biden there's virtually no federal support for the kind of immigration round-up that would make your drunk uncle happy. 

Even better . . . 

It turns out there's actually a practical application for studying Spanish in high school and lucky homeowners who can eek out a few phrases can avoid overpaying some angry white dude in a big truck a fortune to fix a roof or paint a house.

Nevertheless, here's a peek at scare tactics from our progressive friends in Kansas . . .

The fear of law enforcement or other government authorities that many immigrants experience is corrosive to a community, said Rangel-Lopez, the lead coordinator for New Frontiers Project, a southwest Kansas group working to civically empower people of color. And that’s why the 21-year-old University of Kansas student supports city ordinances like the short-lived Safe and Welcoming Act in Wyandotte County that limit or prohibit how much city officials can cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

The policy also provided immigrants a municipal identification card without fear of information going to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But a new state law passed with haste earlier this year in response to the Wyandotte County ordinance.

Immigrants are reeling from the law and the far reaching effects it could have on their communities, even beyond those with welcoming ordinances. With a growing immigrant population, advocates warn of economic and criminal fallout from the legislative action.

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Immigrants face new reality and old fears under a Kansas law banning 'sanctuary' cities - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Alejandro Rangel-Lopez says fear is a given in a mixed-status household. Growing up in Dodge City with an undocumented parent, Rangel-Lopez constantly feared his father coming home with news that immigration agents had detained his mother.