Kansas Rep. Sharice Daivds: Does She Still Have Reelection Shot?!?

This week a controversial election ruling convinced us that a "groundbreaking" politico was on her way out thanks to the demise of her "home field" advantage.

However . . .

Amid all the gloating and outcry . . . This passage from a comment noting that KANSAS REP. SHARICE STILL HAS AS SHOT stood out because it provides some deets about population numbers and reminds us that VOTER TURNOUT remains king . . . Check-it:

"It’s not a given because the combined population of Anderson, Miami & Franklin Co is half of KCK’s total population. It’s increases the odds for Adkins but it’s not a given."

Now a word from the Kansas Rep. for those who haven't sen it already . . .

In a statement from her office Davids said, “From rushed hearings to backroom deals for votes, the redistricting process did not instill a sense of transparency or confidence in the people of Kansas. I hope that although many feel their voice was not heard, they do not feel as though their voice does not matter.

I look forward to introducing myself to the new voters in the Third District, continuing my work to find common ground and tackle the everyday issues facing our community, and showing all Kansans that to me, their voice matters."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Leaders respond to Kan. court decision to uphold congressional map

TOPEKA -Kansas Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a Republican redistricting law that improves the GOP's chances of flipping the state's only congressional seat held by a Democrat. Democrats argued that the map was drawn to help Republicans unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids in the 3rd District in the Kansas City area, while Republicans called it a fair map.