Kansas Progressives Predict State House TAKEOVER In 4 Years

For context, let's remember that Kansas hasn't sent a Republican senator to D.C. since the 30s and Topeka has been GOP territory for ALL of the modern era. 

Still, hope springs eternal as Midterm election season approaches.

Here's a peek at the bold statement . . .

With a deep well of untapped and unengaged potential voters, progressive candidates can theoretically run — and win — throughout the state. Making sure these kinds of voters turn up, however, requires investment. Not just of money, although that’s always useful, but also of time and volunteer hours.

Browning acknowledged the group needs donations and volunteers. About 400 have shown up to help so far, but more will be needed to achieve an ambitious goal of turning out 10,000 new progressive voters.

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One group's not-so-impossible dream: progressive majorities in the Kansas Statehouse by 2026 - Kansas Reflector

Cast your mind ahead to November of 2026. In that month, in that year, activists in Kansas could well be celebrating as voters send progressive majorities in both the state House and Senate. That's the ambitious aim of the nonprofit group Prairie Roots , headed up by executive director Peyton Browning.