Kansas Medical Marijuana Stays Losing

The the conclusion of an arduous session of the state legislature, the Sunflower State prison industrial complex remains far behind local opinion and legal weed progress across the nation.

Moreover . . . It's hard to believe that a state with legalized sports betting can take the moral high ground and pretend to be prudish against a drug with fewer negative side effects than booze.

Here's a glimpse at growing frustration as federal intervention will likely take hold far before state lawmakers allow a grassroots industry take hold . . . Check-it . . .

"But I'm a little frustrated. You know we keep getting the, 'Well we ran out of time excuse," KC Hemp Co. Co-founder Heather Hobbs Steppe said Friday. "It's likely coming on Monday this year. It's been years before, so it's frustrating. I'm a little frustrated."

Steppe wants medical marijuana passed this year.

"It absolutely is a bipartisan issue," she continued. "You've got 70 percent of Kansas who support this. There are Republicans who support this, Democrats, Independents. It's not a partisan issue. It is completely bi-partisan."

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Kansas marijuana supporter frustrated with legislature

TOPEKA, Kan. - Kansas lawmakers go back to the state capitol Monday. A bill they could bring up is the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. A supporter of the initiative said she's made great progress over the past couple of years. "But I'm a little frustrated.