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The Traveling Vietnam Wall is an 80 percent scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is 400 feet long and has 140 panels with names of service members killed in the Vietnam War.

“It really brings it home. You hear numbers or read numbers in a book. That’s one thing but when you see the name of people that actually lived and had a family, that had a history, that had a future, but they you know, that was it for them,” said visitor Mike Railsback.

This year the American Veterans Traveling Tribute added separate panels honoring American sacrifices across generations.

There are 29 casualty panels for those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are a group of panels with the names of those killed on 9/11 and single panels for a number of other deaths from 1914-212, including those from the bombing of the USS Cole and the Benghazi attack.

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Traveling Vietnam Wall brings visitors looking to honor service members' sacrifices

By Betsy Webster Click here for updates on this story KANSAS CITY, Missouri ( KCTV) -- While some people are celebrating Memorial Day weekend with cookouts, others are taking time to reflect on the holiday's intended purpose: to honor service members who died in military service to the nation.