Kansas City Too Broke To Save The Planet?!?

Home improvement and building is already underway this Spring but buying "renewable" materials might increase costs even further.

Thankfully, public television journalists might have the softest hands in the metro but that won't stop them from sharing important information that will help Mexicans roofers rescue our Earth . . .

Purchasing decisions like that have taken on added complexity in recent months, complicated by rampant inflation, soaring energy prices and a volatile economy. Pandemic-driven supply chain issues have pushed up prices for a wide range of goods, and energy prices have surged amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But as some energy prices soar, consumers are weighing the financial effects of alternative forms of energy.

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Inflation, Energy Prices Complicate Consumer Calculus Regarding Renewables

Like many consumers, Kansas City resident Robyn QuiƱones is looking to embrace renewable energy as her concerns about climate change grow. "Anxiety over climate change causes loss of sleep sometimes," QuiƱones said. "I am looking at what my generation ... is leaving (younger generations) with, and I'm horrified."