Kansas City Subreddit Fact Check: Mayor Q's Phone Number Still Works

We understand there's is frustration with Kansas City's honcho at 12th & Oak but it's also important to be accurate, fair and objective . . . That's what separates journalism from pointless ranting from the plebs on their favorite phone surveillance app.

Accordingly, here's an unhinged rant from one of the 5 KC related subreddits that's mostly filled with misinformed clickbait and questions about the best Chinese buffet in this cowtown . . .

"If you call the Mayor's office, it forwards you directly to 311- with all of the trash schedules, snow plows, water main breaks, and neighborhood gripes.

"The Mayor's line isn't the only thing going to 311. Even more basic government functions that used to have assistance are now being routed to 311, which is becoming nothing more than a dumping ground for issues that the Mayor's office doesn't want to deal with the year before an election.

"I voted for Q Lucas proudly. But he has solidified himself as a Mayor of little more than photo ops and publicity stunts. Instead of actually managing the city, this administration is dumping the real issue and focusing on vanity projects, like bringing back the Fountain logo. High Visibility is obviously much more important than actually managing the city."

Here's the deal . . .

This is incorrect. What's worse is that none of the clueless commenters even bothered to check the initial claim of the posting . . . 

(Update: There's also the very real chance the Mayor's team planted this bit of 'controversy' if only to dispute the misinformation and praise the embattled politico . . . Kind of like saying that one of your 'weaknesses' is that you're a workaholic in a job interview. And all of this takes place in the context that Reddit is mostly Chinese-owned bot-driven Internets garbage that low-rent politicos easily spin to their advantage. But I digress . . . )

We just called the phone number offered by the Mayor and it goes directly to his voicemail and offers more info to get in touch with city hall AND his office. 

Is it a publicity stunt??? Of course.  

Moreover, it was a trap for trolls.

Mayor Q earned well-deserved sympathy for all of the racist and threatening messages that were predictably delivered to his public phone line. 

Nevertheless . . .

There are many things about Mayor Q's administration that deserve dispute . . . But his high viability and skilled communication with the public isn't one of them. 

Developing . . .