Kansas City Still Believes In Bike Supremacy?!?

Local leaders have ignored outcry of residents across KCMO and continue pushing a controversial approach to urban planning.

And once again we're forced to define terms: 

Bike Supremacy is "an ideology, pure and simple — a faith in the moral inferiority of car and truck drivers, and in the moral virtue of cyclists."

Here's a peek at how the ideas persists locally . . . 

"The city said the goal is to create a connected network that will allow riders of all ages and abilities to safely access nearly the entire city."

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Kansas City, Missouri, leaders to discuss adding more protected bike lanes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Friday morning, city leaders in Kansas City, Missouri, will talk about plans to add more miles of protected bike lanes by the end of the year and in the next five years. This is part of the vision zero initiative, which aims to eliminate traffic fatalities and increase equitable mobility for everyone.