Kansas City Star Supports Needle Exchange Far, Far Away From Their Offices & Homes

To be fair, there's nothing in this guest commentary that is patently offensive. 

On the topic of drug treatment the author is likely correct.

The downside . . .

The screed overlooks a simple fact . . . Nobody wants to live next to a methadone clinic or needle exchange outlet . . . And the facilities typically are dumped in poor and underrepresented communities. 

Here's the word . . .

"Contrary to popular belief, exchange programs do not encourage drug use. They connect people to health care providers. They offer testing and educational resources, all of which prevent the spread of viruses such as hepatitis C and HIV. They have been shown to reduce the stigma surrounding addiction, which increases the likelihood that people will seek treatment. Research has found that they reduce rates of crime in areas where they have been implemented, and that has, in turn, improved surrounding communities."

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Needle exchanges don't boost drug use. They can help fight Missouri's addiction crisis

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