Kansas City Star Sadly Learns Kearney, MO Ignores Their Newspaper

Here's the great thing abot blogging . . . Most of the time meeting people who read your stuff is fun. My only negative reaction has been, as always, with the ladies. 

For the most part, as with everything, people don't care. But every so often I'll run into somebody who recognizes my name and they'll be really surprised and tell a story about a comment they shared or a post that might have stuck them funny. 

This causal interaction doens't work for the dead-tree industry . . . They DEMAND people dutifully wait for their every word in rapt attention as if they were Moses coming down from the mountain top. 

Again, and one time for the cheap seats, one of the basic lessons of life is realizing that PEOPLE DON'T CARE AND HAVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS TO WORRY ABOUT first and foremost. 

Right now we take a peek at the fading daily newspaper learning this tough life lesson . . .

"Just a day earlier, The Star had published a scathing report about a lawsuit filed this month in Clay County Circuit Court against the school district by a Black family whose child allegedly had been repeatedly bullied with racist language and threats of violence because of the color of his skin. 

"But when the time came for public comment, not a soul had a thing to say about those allegations of racism at Kearney High School. Not one word about protecting children from bullying taunts. No expressions of shock, anger, remorse. What?"

Of course there's the implication that everybody in Kearney is a racist villain worthy of chronicling in some kind of Oprah-produced streaming-TV drama. Unlikely. 

It's entirely possible, and even likely that the people of Kearney, Missouri simply don't pay much attention to the Kansas City Star. 

Also . . . For those fortunate enough to have lives that aren't dependent on social media . . . It's appalling that the world is filled with people who DON'T want to spend their days fighting with strangers and alienating friends & family in the pursuit of social justice.

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Kearney, where's your outrage? No one at school meeting even mentioned racist threats

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Editorials and other Opinion content offer perspectives on issues important to our community and are independent from the work of our newsroom reporters. The Kearney Board of Education's chambers were packed Wednesday evening with parents and students when I walked in, and I was ready for a firestorm to be directed at board members.