Kansas City Star Gives Up On Democracy After Missouri Session Smackdown

Today quite a few local hacks, pundits and all manner of discontents spent the day grousing about the Missouri Legislative Session that doesn't really move the dial for most of the plebs.

By far . . . The most laughable perspective was offered by this cowtown's daily newspaper . . .

"Why put up with this? There is no compelling defense of a two-house state legislature in this environment. Missouri already has 163 House members, more seats than Texas, or California, or New York. And because Gov. Mike Parson is too lazy to call special elections, at least half a dozen House seats remained vacant this session. 

"Remember: House members are chosen by district, and senators are picked in bigger districts. Senators are not inherently wiser, or more patient, or more knowledgeable than their House counterparts."

Question . . .

Dear Kansas City Star . . . How might voters abolish the Missouri State Senate?!?

We checked their column and there wasn't much of an answer . . . Even worse, they don't put out an issue on Saturday so we might never know.

In the meantime . . .

Yet again, our progressive friends would rather work to dismantle institutions rather than winning hearts & minds with their ideas.

Accordingly . . . We share links about the session that mostly won't serve to improve the lives of so many working-poor Missourians.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com links . . .

This legislative session was a disgrace. Time to get rid of the whole Missouri Senate?

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Does Missouri really need a state Senate? Thousands of residents may be asking themselves that very question today, following the adjournment of a session generally understood as an unproductive disaster, particularly on the Senate side of the state Capitol. Kansas Citians should be especially appalled.

Missouri House OKs hospital visitors on final day

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri's GOP-led House spent its last day of the session Friday passing language protecting patient visitor access at hospitals and farm owners' rights. House lawmakers had little left available to do after the Republican-led Senate on Thursday approved new congressional districts then adjourned for the session, cutting off work on all other bills.

KCPD funding, World Cup taxes, sports betting: How KC delegation priorities fared in the Missouri legislature

Delivered every Tuesday and Thursday morning A donation to The Beacon goes beyond the newsroom. We amplify community voices, share resources and investigate systems, not just symptoms. The Beacon in your inbox. In-depth reporting delivered every Tuesday and Thursday morning. Kansas City was the center of plenty of debate this year inside the Missouri legislature.

Missouri legislature ends tumultuous 2022 session marked by gridlock, GOP infighting * Missouri Independent

A flurry of activity in the Missouri House on Friday kept 2022 from earning the ignominious distinction of least productive legislative session in modern history. With GOP infighting in the Senate forcing it to adjourn a day early after a session that's seen it mired in gridlock, the House returned Friday morning to pass 20 bills over the course of almost six hours.

You decide . . .