Kansas City Star Connects Abortion Debate To Texas School Massacre

Today Kansas City dead-tree media reaches a new low in a desperate attempt to promote a progressive agenda for Midterm election season rather use their platform to behave like decent humans. 

Here's their crux of a lazy argument which relies on dog whistle partisan politics to rally supporters by way of emotive pleas rather than reasoned arguments . . .  

"Americans know some gun regulations work. Universal background checks, and a ban on the sale and manufacture of some multi-round weapons, would not prevent every mass shooting, but they might prevent one. Just one. Or save one life.

"This is a pro-life position you will not hear from pro-life politicians . . .

"We all know what comes next. Gun fetishists will accuse Americans of “politicizing” a tragedy. Now isn’t the time to talk about this, we’ll hear. It’s reckless. Provocative. Unconstitutional."

The strawman debate tactic is almost effective if it wasn't for the disgusting abortion reference. 

Are we to believe the newspaper's implicit argument: That killing hundreds of thousands of infants in the womb is somehow morally superior to the horrific slaughter of youngsters in the classroom? 

The newspaper's rhetorical tap dancing is not only disgusting but also insulting because they don't even bother to parse their arguments for readers. Their screed is pure accusation, blame and vitriol directed at political opposition. 

Even worse . . . It's patently false.

Now, in fact, is the PERFECT time to talk about feeble gun control crackdowns and how they haven't helped to solve rampant violent crime on local streets or in cities across the nation. 

KCMO has a bevy of gun laws on the books, Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and so many other urban areas are awash with firearm regs that haven't done much to curb a wave of deadly violence that has surged across the nation amid the pandemic. 

Yes, the Kansas City Star is doing their best to politicize an American tragedy but what's worse is that they're not even doing a good job of it. 

Just like the feeble and accusatory language of Prez Biden . . . Instead of working to form a consensus they're content to blame, emote and play the victim amid a tragic situation they helped to create. 

TKC doesn't pretend to have any answers to the tragic school shooting crisis but what's absolutely certain is that the accusatory circle of jerks in mainstream and social media aren't doing anything more than attempting to stir a hysterical reaction from Americans that diligently works to overlook so much dissatisfaction with the progressive leadership to date. 

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