Kansas City South Side Stays Winning Hard Fought Bus Stop Improvements

Because love of the written word has derailed our forward progress so much . . . We can't help but share our admiration for people who craft community news.

Accordingly . . . Here's a look at how REAL progress is challenging and probably won't benefit anyone's career . . . Check this quick tidbit on a charming, safer new bus stop . . .

Now nearly completed, the bus stop allows riders to wait on a dry, concrete slab and cross the street safely on at the marked pedestrian crossing. Temporary crosswalk signs have been posted until the more sophisticated flashing ones arrive.  When they do, pedestrians can push a button to activate the yellow flashing lights that caution drivers.

“Although it has taken time and persistence, we believe that the new bus stop and crosswalk will make this intersection safer for pedestrians than ever before."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Through persistence with the City, south KC resident makes Avila bus stop safer for students

By Kathy Feist Verona Hills resident Sarah Whitman became concerned for the safety of bus riders who got dropped off at Avila University on the west side of 119th and Wornall Rd. Located near the top of a steep hill, fast southbound traffic traveling over the hill isn't easily seen when crossing the busy road.