Kansas City Royals Suffer Another Sweep & STILL Don't Deserve Downtown Stadium

The argument for TAXPAYERS TO SPEND A BILLION BUCKS ON THESE LOSERS is hard to justify when the team has consistently offered a subpar product with little to no hope of improvement.

Check the latest local embarrassment . . .

"You’d think that a 4-1 lead would make a good chance for a victory. But with Dayton Moore’s Kansas City Royals, you would be mistaken. The Yankees got two in the fifth off Daniel Lynch to get right back in it, and then they got two in the seventh when Dylan Coleman put three guys on without the ball being put in play. Two came around to score. 5-4. Aaron Judge homered again in the ninth. 6-4.

"The Royals managed 10 hits but, once again, struggled to come through with runners in scoring position. Lynch pitched well, holding the Yankees to three runs in five innings, but the bullpen squandered the lead, and the offense did nothing after falling behind."

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Yankees sweep Royals, 6-4

The Yankees beat the Royals, 6-4, to complete a three-game sweep at Kauffman Stadium. Kansas City has now lost 8 of 10 after climbing back to .500 at 5-5. This one was winnable, too.