Kansas City Royals Fans Rebuke Fading Baller Carlos Santana

Not to be confused with the legendary guitarist . . . The embattled hitter strikes a sour note with diehard fans.

Here's a sign of growing frustration amid a losing season . . .

It is clear that no one is going to give the Royals anything for his services. It is also clear that Santana is standing in the way of the Royals’ youth movement. He is not going to be a part of their future while Pratto and Pasquantino have a chance to make a difference.

And yet, there he is, continually penciled into the lineup to get pointless at bats. As the Royals are in danger of being surpassed in the standings by a Reds team that began the year 3-22, there is no reason to continue the charade that Santana is needed and that bringing up those youngsters would hurt their development.

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Kansas City Royals wasting time with Carlos Santana

One could understand why the Kansas City Royals decided to start the season with Carlos Santana at first base. He is in the final season of his two year, $17.5 million contract, and with a strong enough start to 2022, could end up being a viable trade option.