Kansas City Raises Prices On Outdoor Cafe Permits After COVID Crackdown

We're now in the "endemic" phase of COVID-19 and many people with immune system trouble or underlying medical conditions remain at risk according to healthcare experts.

Nevertheless . . .


Consider . . . 

Convincing somebody to eat near clogged sewers and exhaust fumes is a tough sell anyhoo . . . Now city hall decides that they want a bigger cut following two years of strict mandates, arbitrary health code enforcement and legal battles against local restaurants struggling to survive amid the pandemic.

Here's a hopeful glimpse at the ordinance wherein local leaders PRETEND they're doing restaurants a favor despite continued hostility toward small biz from 12th & Oak throughout the pandemic . . .

"If approved by the full city council, businesses would be allowed to apply for a permanent permit to open a parklet, street café, or sidewalk café.

"Permits would also include an annual $250 application and $600 license fee. Those fees were waived starting in 2020 as the city worked to help restaurant owners stay open during the pandemic.

"If approved, the city could begin charging the fees again on May 15, 2022.

"New permit applications would also require property owners and tenants living within 250 feet of a business to sign off on the owner's outdoor plan.

"Existing street and sidewalk cafes would be grandfathered in and wouldn't need neighbors to sign off since the outside portion of the business is already in place. They would be required to pay the $600 licensing fee this year, but not the application fee."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Sidewalk cafes here to stay, if Kansas City approves fees

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Outdoor eating may be around to stay for bars and restaurants across Kansas City. When the pandemic hit, the city waived application and licensing fees along with other requirements for restaurants who wanted to expand dining rooms outside.