Kansas City Public TV & Mary Sanchez Blast 'Gun Culture' Tonight

An upcoming anti-gun documentary eagerly awaited by tens of viewers will debut this evening. 

A British accent and overly processed footage might trick viewers into watching the presentation.

Even better . . . 

Former newspaper hack Mary Sanchez pens TV guide promo and offering a bit of "journalism" in support of the program. 

Check-it . . .

About a third of adult Americans own a gun. But the numbers of first-time gun owners increased dramatically in the past few years.

Panic buying defined the buying binge. Purchases were driven by the pandemic, fear of limits on the Second Amendment with a Democrat in the White House, domestic social unrest and even the war in Ukraine.

People increasingly feel unsafe and uncertain. Acquiring a firearm has been their response.

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Inside KC's Gun Culture: It's Changing, and Not How You Might Expect

Dametria White clutched her paper target, the blue outline of a human form now riddled with bullet holes. She surveyed the poster-sized proof that her first effort at a shooting range was a success. "I hit everywhere that I aimed," White declared as she left Frontier Justice, a gun shop and range in Lee's Summit.