Kansas City Police Stay Losing Staffing Crisis

Apparently, people don't want to be po-po any more . . .

It has always been a tough job but now public rebuke, social media targeting and sketchy political leadership has soured the deal.

Here's an important report that repeats a truism, deserves a peek AND starts with the ongoing crisis during a homicide spike in KCMO . . .

We checked with major departments in the area, and some smaller ones. All told us the same thing—they’ve never struggled with staffing like this.

When police departments are understaffed, something has to give.

One example is the recent disbanding of the Kansas City Police Department’s Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit. That closing caused some outrage among some city officials and residents, but the department reported it was out of options.
Officers were needed to cover the basics.

Other departments are making similar moves, including shifting officers from specialized units to patrols which focus on immediate needs.

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The 'great resignation' is hitting area law enforcement in Kansas City - what it means for your safety

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- It's the sign of the times: Help wanted. The great resignation has affected nearly every industry and competition for qualified workers is fierce. The same is true for police departments. We checked with major departments in the area, and some smaller ones.