Kansas City Nurse Reports More Youngsters Molesting & Blames Pr0n

Her argument shouldn't be lost on skeptics and deserves a consideration. 

Meanwhile, the accusation is just one of many that might be leveled against parents who don't put much time into watching their youngsters . . . Rather than media creators who notoriously make bad babysitters.

Half of the cases she sees, the attacker is a minor. She says the behavior is fueled by more young people seeing pornography online. “We know that most kids see pornography by the age of 11,” she said. “When they imitate what they’re seeing or act out sexually what they're seeing, it’s violent.”

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'Alarming trend': Children's Mercy nurse says more children being sexually assaulted by peers

There's a disturbing trend when it comes to child sexual assaults in the Kansas City metro and beyond. More children are being attacked by their peers. KMBC 9 spoke with a nurse at Children's Mercy about what's fueling the behavior, and how a local nonprofit is helping parents navigate a tough topic.