Kansas City News Stroll: Fashion For Ukraine Amid Bombardment

For Sunday night, inspired by angel hottie Elsa, we continue our consideration of pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Local Art Passes Into Legend

Wilbur Niewald, 'the ultimate artist's artist,' dies at 97

If you've walked near a stand of pine trees at Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri, not far from the tennis courts, you've likely seen artist Wilbur Niewald, a shock of white hair tucked under his straw hat and wearing a light blue denim shirt and blue jeans as he painted on an easel or worked on an etching.

Striking A Pose For Political Cause

Kansas City fashion show raises money for Ukraine relief

Vibrant shades of yellow and blue filled the runway at a fashion show in Kansas City supporting Ukraine Saturday night. Local designers worked together to raise more than $10,000 for relief efforts.The "10K for UA" fundraiser showcased 20 designers' pieces inspired by the Ukrainian flag at the Fire House KC at E.

Show-Me Faith & Fireworks

This Missouri Christian Men's Conference Is One of The Most Embarrassing Things I've Seen

In this week's edition of "Are Men Okay?," we need to discuss the annual Christian men's conference taking place in Missouri this weekend, in which, on Friday night, a monster truck drove off a giant ramp in an arena amidst shooting columns of flames against the soundtrack of really bad live electric guitar music.

Put Rock Chalk Phone Down

Kansas is one of the deadliest states for distracted driving

(NEXSTAR) - While driving deaths went down in 2020 - which makes sense considering we were stuck at home for much of the year - there was one category of dangerous driving that actually rose: distracted driving. Even though people were driving less, an analysis by MoneyGeek found a 12% increase in fatalities attributed to distracted driving.

Tech Game Means Big Biz

Founders of KC Pioneers talk history of esports, investing locally

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Thousands of esports fans met at the Kansas City Convention Center this weekend to watch professional gamers from around the world compete in the video game Halo. Kansas City was one of only three North American cities selected by Microsoft to host a "major" Halo Championship series this year.

Angel Hottie Uncovered

Model Elsa Hosk Drops Her Skin-Care Routine

My favorite cleanser is the Dr. Barbara Sturm Foaming Cleanser because it's so gentle and feels so nice. The foam and the bubbles on the face...I just love the way it cleanses and that it's gentle. When I am in New York or somewhere humid, I love to use my Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum.

Prez Remembers Precursor

Biden: Mondale rescued me from darkness

The crash occurred while Biden was away in Washington mere weeks after he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Biden was 30 years old, and his sons, Beau and Hunter, were facing a long period of rehabilitation and recovery. "The last thing I wanted to do was go to the United States Senate after that.

Russian Threat Renewed

Evacuations Under Way in Mariupol; Pelosi Visits Ukraine

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) - Some women and children were evacuated from a steel plant that is the last defensive stronghold in the bombed-out ruins of the port city of Mariupol, a Ukrainian official and Russian state news organizations said, but hundreds are believed to remain trapped with little food or water.


Trump stumps for Nebraska candidate accused of groping: 'I defend people when I know they're good'

Former President Trump stumped on Sunday for Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct. Trump doubled down on his support of the candidate after the allegations emerged last week, and offered a spirited defense of Herbster on Sunday. "He's been badly maligned, and it's a shame.

Title 42 Slap Fight Underway

Opinion | The GOP would rather be racist than fight Covid

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the vast majority of Republicans in Congress have viewed the public health measures taken to stop the disease's spread with suspicion if not outright scorn. In response, we've seen the GOP's members rally against vaccine mandates, scoff at the idea of mask wearing and at times even question the virus's lethality.

El Papa Mourns War

Pope laments 'macabre' Ukraine war and 'barbarous' bombardment of Mariupol

Pope Francis on Sunday described the war in Ukraine as a "macabre regression of humanity" and said the city of Mariupol had been "barbarously bombarded and destroyed." However, the pope did not specifically say that Russia was responsible for the war or the assault on Mariupol - in keeping with the Vatican's controversial policy of avoiding direct criticism of Moscow in the hope of keeping open space for meditation.

End Of An Era In Kansas City

Photos: Don McLean celebrates 50 years of 'American Pie' at the Uptown

Don McLean. // Photo by Chris Ortiz Don McLean The Uptown Theater Friday, April 29 Singer-songwriter Don McLean at the Uptown celebrated 50 years of his homage to rock 'n' roll's progenitors, "American Pie." The song was recently dethroned as the longest number one single by Taylor Swift's "All Too Well," bringing the track back into pop culture discussion again...

Kansas City Social Media Navigation Schooling For Families

Kansas City organization helps parents discuss social media with their children

OLATHE, Kan. - Kansas City organization Stand Together and Rethink Technology, or START, is advocating for young people to use technology responsibly, in order to help their mental health. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the White House issued a proclamation that noted the impact social media plays in increasing mental health challenges among young people, especially young women.

Soggy Start To This Week

FOX4 Forecast: Wetter Monday evolves

Tomorrow won't be a rain out but there will be showers and storms in the area. It's not out of the question that there could be some stronger evening storms near the KC metro depending on how things play out.

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