Kansas City Metro Starbucks Union Activists Suffer Crackdown?!?

Last week we talked about corporate clap back and efforts to thwart Kansas City coffee collective bargaining.

Today local MSM caught up to more to more the ongoing drama . . .

"The complaint claims the Starbucks stores at 75th Street & I-35 in Overland Park and on the Country Club Plaza illegally terminated pro-union employees."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

National labor board files complaints against 2 Kansas City area Starbucks for union busting

The National Board of Labor Relations (NBLR) filed a complaint Wednesday against two area Starbucks for preventing employees from exercising their legal right to organize. The complaint, filed by District 14 of the NBLR, alleges the Starbucks at 75th Street & I-35 in Overland Park and the store on the Country Club Plaza wrongfully terminated Alydia Claypool, Maddie Doran and Michael Vestigo, and "constructively discharged" Hannah McCown for supporting union efforts.