Kansas City Metro Moms Donate Breast Milk Amid Baby Formula Shortage

Across the metro we're inspired that local ladies are "getting them out" to help their neighbors in need.

Here's a news story regarding one effort as brave women in and around this cowtown juggle their own hectic lives in order to help youngsters thru this supply chain squeeze . . . Take a peek at this Sunday story about good deeds wherein our silly giggling shouldn't overshadow a worthy cause:

"Setting up shelves inside her business with the help of other moms and donations from the community . . . She is now accepting donations of non-expired baby formula and healthy breast milk to help moms."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Mother, owner of Leawood Nutrition accepting donations of baby formula, breastmilk for families

LEAWOOD, Kan. - While the current baby formula shortage is causing mothers in the Kansas City area to fear they will be unable to feed their babies, it sparked an idea for one mother of two to help others in her situation.