Kansas City Firefighters Desperately Work Social Media To Justify Overtime

We stumbled across this rhetorical bit of politicking in a social media forum dominated by Kansas City politicos and their campaign workers . . . 

Here's the argument so that voters will stop asking about the FD budget, exorbitant overtime rates and blaming incumbents and council for mismanagement . . .

"I am a fire department member. We are currently 140 firefighters short on staffing. The fire department admin has no plans on hiring. They don’t even have a process in place.

"Here in KC the ambulance is also staffed by firefighters also.

"They aren’t letting us leave work because of staffing. We are forced to work 80+ hour weeks. You’d think our union would do something but they aren’t.

"So you as a citizen are getting tired and burnt out firefighters responding to your emergency and EMTs and Medics who are absolutely beat covering all this overtime.

"Not sure what else to do but just thought I’d let the public know since I haven’t seen anything about all the overtime that’s breaking the backs of the members."

Developing . . .