Here's a shocking argument about cowtown EV access . . .

Pushing for more charging stations across the metro sorta makes sense until we realize that most locals still regard these cars as toys for rich people.

Meanwhile, here's a peek at a local dude with a jorb that's much cooler than most American work nowadays i.e. catering to the whims of barely middle-class dolts and hoping Karen doesn't ask to speak to our manager. 

Check-it . . .

"Kansas City is no exception to the growing nationwide popularity of electric vehicles, which are known as EVs. As more affordable models hit the market, Beto Lugo-Martinez, the executive director of the nonprofit CleanAirNow, is focused on ensuring equitable access to infrastructure, including charging stations.

“We can just invest and put charging stations everywhere, but if we’re not really worried about investing in communities that are most impacted, we’ll be missing that mark again,” he said."

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Missouri ranks 7th in electric vehicle use, but access to vehicle charging remains a key barrier

Missouri was recently ranked seventh in the nation when it came to the number of registered electric vehicle drivers and charging locations, with 6,740 registered electric vehicles across the state and 985 electric vehicle charging stations available.