Kansas City Fact Check: New Stadiums Remain BAD DEAL For Taxpayers

Smarter people than TKC and most elected officials have already run the numbers . . . 


This tragic fact might inspire the Chiefs move to Kansas . . . Rather than asking billionaires part with a tiny fraction of their fortunes.

Check the data . . .

In the 2021 season, the Chiefs had the fifth most attendance out of 32 teams. Moreover, Arrowhead, though technically old, is anything but out of date. A $375 million dollar renovation was completed in 2021.

So why would the Chiefs consider moving?

It’s actually pretty simple. If the Chiefs can convince politicians in Kansas City (either Missouri or Kansas) to improve a current stadium or build a new one on the taxpayer’s dollar, they can absorb the benefits of a new stadium at no cost to the franchise.

And what are the benefits? Well, apart from the obvious benefit of enjoying newer facilities, a new stadium also attracts larger crowds. Research finds new stadiums are related to more attendance—and therefore more revenue for the team—for up to a decade after they’re built.

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The Myth That Sports Stadiums Create New Jobs and Tax Revenues | Peter Jacobsen

Over the last few weeks, rumors have been circulating that the Kansas City Chiefs are considering moving from Kansas City, Missouri to Kansas City, Kansas. Chiefs prez Mark Donovan, when asked this AM about potential new stadium options, said the team has considered options in state of Kansas.