Kansas City Disc Golf Tournament Critical Shooting Aftermath: Random?!?

A weekend Northeast Kansas City shooting was only random in the sense that the participants didn't expect local denizens of this sketchy park to have guns whilst everyone else who lives in a 5-mile radius did.

In a city that has set homicide records for the past two years, there's no such thing as a "random" shooting. 

The current number of killings in KCMO is matching record breaking numbers . . . Therefore was can't really call shootings "random" any longer. 

TKC reality check . . . 

Given the current level of violence in Kansas City. Gunfire amid the Summer of 2022 isn't really random but merely serves as a symptom of worsening violence unchecked by elected leaders, institutions and our community since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Here's a quick summary of the sitch . . .

Michael Krueger is the director of the tournament, which is held at Kessler Park in Kansas City.

“They threw and then they were walking down the hill towards their discs and apparently this guy started following them, pulled out a gun and two of the guys took off in different directions,” Krueger said. “Two guys went down the hill and he started firing, hitting one of our disc golfers.”

Krueger said the suspect did not ask for money and was not attempting to rob them of anything.

“It was just random,” Krueger said.

Krueger says his team is also concerned about the mental well being of the rest of the players and decided to cancel all remaining rounds where the shooting happened.

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'It was just random': Man remains hospitalized after shooting at Kessler Park

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- A Kansas City man is still recovering after being shot while playing in the Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge. Family members identified the victim as Jake Riley. Kansas City police say Riley was among those playing in the event when a suspect randomly approached him and opened fire.