Kansas City COVID Mask Comeback?!?

The numbers are getting worse according to "the science" and local carefree attitudes about the aftermath of the pandemic might not hold up for long.

Accordingly . . . 

This passage regarding the resurgent plauge serves as a reminder that warmer weather really just provides a brief interlude for mask season . . .

New data shows that about one-third of the American population lives in areas where the COVID-19 alert level is either medium or high, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky.

“Over the last five weeks we have seen a steady increase in COVID cases,” Walensky said. “The current 7-day averages of cases are about 94,000 per day, which is an increase nationally of about 26% over the previous week and a threefold increase over the last month.”

Walensky said the “7-day average of hospital admissions now is 3,000 patients per day, which is a 19% increase over the previous week.” About 275 people die from COVID-19 every day in the United States, she said.

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One-third of Americans should now be wearing masks, CDC director says

In the first COVID-19 briefing provided by the White House in six weeks, White House COVID-19 response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha told reporters that despite a significant increase in infections, COVID-19 deaths remain at near pandemic lows. That’s partly because doctors are using a drug called paxlovid which, if used early in an infection, can lighten the effect of the virus. Doctors write nearly 20,000 paxlovid prescriptions a day, Jha said.