Kansas City Confronts Climate Change 'Ground Level Ozone' Threat

Tonight's we share word of another environmental threat for Summer that accompanies increasingly hotter days in Kansas City.

Sadly, there's no confirmation on how long we'll have to suffer under these conditions given that AOC predicted the end of the world in less than 12 years. 

Still . . . Here's a dire forecast an another reason the planet might (or might not) want the people on it dead . . .

"As we see those hotter days coming, longer stretches of dryness, more drought in our region, it is possible that we could have more ozone issues," said Karen Clawson, air quality program manager for the Mid-America Regional Council.

The MARC monitors the air quality in the Kansas City area. Its long-range temperature forecasts show our area is getting hotter and hotter .  ..

"Ozone is not emitted directly, right? It requires a reaction between sun and chemicals that are emitted from industry, from cars and that reaction in the sunlight creates ozone," Clawson said.

Ozone is beneficial high up in the atmosphere as it protects us from the sun's harmful rays. However, at ground level, ozone is bad as it can negatively impact our health.

"But down at ground level, it really has powerful impacts on our health, including our lungs and our hearts particularly," Clawson said.

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