Kansas City Blogger Denounces 'Code-Switching' Amid Higher Education

In this local college mag . . . A student lashes out against an appreciation of "context" and the need to tailor every message for the appropriate setting. 

The reality is that there's no such thing as "code-switching" and it's just another way that hipsters and young people to hold each other back.

Check the counter-point . . .

"By allowing students to be authentically themselves within the classroom – a setting where they spend a majority of their academic careers – will ultimately further advance them in their future. This allows for the students to fully focus on their academics without having to worry about transitioning between dialects to fit into a certain standard. Allowing students to be themselves goes towards two different perspectives: students should not need to change their dialect towards their teachers and administrators throughout the school day and students should not have to change the language in which they communicate as long as they are able to effectively reach their point and be understood. The evolution of code-switching and the mere presence of it itself has been brought to more public attention within society. It is essential to focus on code-switching as it will also allow for a broader range of education to be taught in the school systems. Therefore, the only way to ensure that the problem of code-switching within our classrooms is addressed is to actively start calling out our peers when it is detected."

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A Student's Battle: Speaking Proper? Or Speaking True? | Her Campus

Because there is still such a strong sense of prejudice within the education system, specifically minority students are able to recognize the unfair advantages other students have because of their upbringings. As a result, students have begun utilizing code-switching within the classroom. Implicit bias is a mental state of mind that is commonly not recognized, [...]

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