Kansas City Anti-Violence Project Shuts Down

This morning we lament the downfall of a group that was at the forefront of calling out violence against victims who were often marginalized and maligned by mainstream Kansas City.

Whilst this closing is important for the LGBTQ+ community . . . The passing of this organization is also apropos amid the worsening violence across the metro.

Here's the word and a reminder that its getting more dangerous out there and help to stay safe is getting harder to find despite an abundance of local "non-profits" who endlessly beg for donations:

“It is with the deepest sadness that the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project must announce the closure of the organization effective immediately, including the 24-hour hotline. KCAVP’s mission has always been to serve LGBTQIA+ individuals who have experienced trauma, violence, abuse, harassment, or neglect. We’ve been an organization since 2002, and truly believe we have done our best to serve the community with the love, support, respect, and dignity it deserves. We love our community. We love Kansas City.”

“We want to be as transparent as possible for the sake of best practices. Our closure comes from unforeseen complications with funding; our relentless Staff and Board of Directors have done the best they can to this point. Please know we don’t take this decision lightly.”

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Kansas City LGBTQ+ nonprofit closes after 20 years, 24-hour help line ends

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An LGBTQ+ organization helping protect youth against violence is closing its doors. The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project announced Monday night its funding has run out. Local advocates said the service they provided to the community was vital. Supporters say KCAVP did a lot for the community.

Kansas City LGBTQ anti-violence organization's sudden closure comes as a surprise

In a move that surprised many people in the LGBTQ and sexual-assault advocacy communities, the board of directors and staff of the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project said on Monday they were forced to end their programs immediately due to "unforeseen complications with funding."

Developing . . .