Kansas City Activists Share Demands For Next Top Cop

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It's a worthwhile list full of fun ideas that are every bit ethereal as they are impractical. 

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The coalition announced nine consistent themes that Kansas Citians want to see from the next police chief based on the surveys.

Those who participated believed the new chief should:

- Be engaged in the community;
- Be a strong communicator;
- Transparently use data and best practices as a key component of strategy and vision;
- Develop and communicate clear strategy and vision;
- Address perception of underlying racism in the police department;
- Prioritize training and emphasize de-escalation of racial bias training;
- Prioritize mental health in both community and police department;
- Re-examine and improve the internal investigation process;
-Be able to navigate the political landscape.

Community survey results indicated that trustworthiness and community engagement were the qualities that are the highest priority for participants.

Community members also want a chief who prioritizes trust in the community, transparency, openness and officer accountability.

Since po-po are seemingly taking requests . . . The TKC blog community officially and politely wishes for a unicorn . . . Given that the discourse is now comprised of hopeful desires and politically ambiguous chatter disguised by flowery language. 

The officials report from The Chamber . . .

KC Chief of Police Community Feedback Report

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Community coalition presents findings on what Kansas Citians want in next police chief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Citians are letting their voice be heard and Tuesday a coalition of 16 community organizations will reveal what community members want to see in the next Kansas City, Missouri, chief of police to the KCPD Board of Police Commissioners.

Coalition presents community Kansas City police chief survey results to BOPC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A coalition of 16 organizations submitted their report to the Board of Police Commissioners to reveal findings from community outreach describing what citizens are looking for in the next Kansas City, Missouri police chief. The report details survey and listening session results from diverse communities in Kansas City.

What do Kansas Citians want in a police chief? Someone who will hold KCPD officers accountable

A series of public listening sessions and surveys conducted by a coalition of Kansas City organizations finds that residents and members of the Kansas City Police Department are looking for many of the same qualities in the city's next chief of police.

Coalition presents findings from months-long research into KC's wishlist for next chief of police

Rev. Bob Hill and Marjorie Williams break down the survey statistics behind the community's favored qualities in a new police chief. // Photo by Lauren Textor Over the past several months, frustration has continued to mount between residents and KCPD, especially given the hefty funding that the department receives.

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