Kansas City Activist Justice Horn Vows To Return 'Best Of' Award

Kansas City award season is now year-round and earns support from local restaurants and other shops eager to lure back biz . . . However, a rising star activist rejects accolades in favor of building community.

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Justice Horn: "My message regarding the KC nomination"

“Please read: I appreciate the nomination from this community as the Kansas City Magazine’s “Best Community Activist.” My work has ranged from diplomacy to boots on the ground to, in some cases, getting teargassed. But I don’t want you to vote for me, I want you to vote for you.

"I truly believe that we’re all activist, and a lot of the work we do is in reaction to the current system, electeds, and policies in place. The best way you can help in our movement is by exercising your right to vote!

"We need to come out to vote with the same passion, energy, and coalitions we build when we come out to protest. You can register yourself and your network at sos.mo.gov, and while you’re at it, bring someone who’s never voted along with you!

"Lastly, if I am awarded the “Best Community Activist” award, I plan on returning it, because the last thing our activist community needs is the spirit of competition. I respect those in the struggle with me and we should spend our time continuing to build this community up together.”


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