Kansas Catholics Decry Sunflower State Abortion Destination

Check the church playing politics and taking their advocacy to the streets . . .

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The total number of abortions in Kansas went from 6,916 in 2019, to 7,546 in 2020, to 7,849 in 2021. In 2021, almost half the abortions performed in Kansas were for out-of-state residents, with most from Missouri at 3,458. Residents from other states coming to Kansas for abortions in 2021 included: Texas, 233; Oklahoma, 137; and Arkansas, 31.

Pro-life advocates say there is only one way out of the tragedy caused by the Kansas Supreme Court’s overreach . . . That path is to vote for the “Value Them Both” amendment to the Kansas Constitution in the Aug. 2 special election, which is also a primary election.

“What ‘Value Them Both’ does is reverse the Kansas Supreme Court ruling of April 2019 and returns to the people of Kansas their ability to enact limits on the abortion industry.”

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Amendment must pass in order to limit abortion in state - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper

by Joe Bollig joe.bollig@theleaven.org KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Pro-life advocates warned that the Kansas Supreme Court's 2019 Hodes & Nauser v. Schmidt ruling would nullify more than 20 years of pro-life legislation and leave Kansas wide open for unlimited abortion. Court rulings and a rising number of abortions are proving them right.