Kansas Board Of Regents Seyz NextGen Meager High School Skillz Don't Add Up

Right now we take a quick look at tougher standards for high school students and, of course, more access to student loans.

Check an overview of the new requirements . . .

The Board has recommended that four units of math be required for high school graduation. Members said math skills are critical for higher education preparation and success in the workforce. Previously, only three units of math were required in the state to graduate.

As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in daily lives, the Board said it recommended high school students be required to take a computer science course. It said to do this, colleges and universities will work with the KSDE to support efforts to expand computer science offerings for high school students.

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Board of Regents suggests additional math unit in order to graduate from Kansas high schools

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The Kansas Board of Regents has suggested high schoolers take one more unit of math in order to graduate, as well as a computer science course. On Thursday, April 28, members of the Kansas Board of Regents say they approved six recommendations to the Kansas State Department of Education and adopted a resolution to send the requirements to the KSDE's high school graduation requirements task force.