Johnson County Golden Ghetto Forced To Adjust To New Voting District Lines

A quick question because we're not too familiar with this part of the metro . . .

In a desperate GOP attempt to redraw maps . . . Does JoCo extend all the way to Denver now???

Kidding . . . Here's a more practical report on how the process will work: 

The new district lines will create roughly 80 new precincts within Johnson County for a total of 600 precincts. The new precincts are expected to be finalized by June 1. The new data will be available to voters through the Kansas Voter Registration System.

The Johnson County Election Office will also mail polling place and precinct information to registered voters in early July.

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Redistricting pushes Johnson County to adjust precinct and polling place locations

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The Johnson County Election Office is updating precincts and polling place locations following the Kansas Supreme Court's decision to uphold the newly redrawn congressional map. The new map will impact races for seats in Congress, the Kansas Legislature and on the State Board of Education.