Guv Parson Regrets Missouri GOP Didn't Crack Down On Trans Sports & Critical Race Theory

Whilst the politics of culture war legislation might anger progressives . . . However, from a pragmatic perspective . . . Guv Parson is correct about public support for conservative legislation in Missouri. 

Passing crackdown laws against trans youngsters & sketchy teachers in Missouri would be an easy legislative victory that would, of course, have to be litigated immediately.

Here's more on his perspective from a prog blog . . .

In an interview with KFTKs Mark Reardon, Parson lamented that the legislature spent so much time and effort this year trying to strike a compromise on congressional redistricting. Especially, he said, when the end product wasn’t that much different from what was on the table when the session began in January.

“It really hurt a lot of other issues that I really felt like should have been things we should have got past as Republicans and conservatives in this session,” he said. “I’m a little disappointed they didn’t get across the finish line.”

Proposals like banning transgender students participating on sports teams that match their gender identity or prohibiting curriculum that featured critical race theory should have been easy to pass, Parson said.

“It’s just frustrating when you can’t get stuff like that on my desk,” Parson said Wednesday.

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Missouri governor laments failure of transgender sports bill, ban on critical race theory * Missouri Independent

Gridlock in the Missouri Senate doomed issues that the GOP should have used its supermajority to accomplish, Gov. Mike Parson said Wednesday, pointing specifically at legislation targeting transgender students and banning critical race theory in schools.