Guv Kelly Confronts Ethics Complaint Over Campaign Commercial Slap Fight

Campaign season in the Sunflower State is already heating up given a recent hot mess over TV adverts.

After a legal row following a "middle-of-the-road" commercial . . . Here's the right-wing clap back that deserves consideration . . .

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) response to Kelly's campaign cited a pair of state statutes that make it illegal for a state officer to compel an employee to engage in political activity and permit discipline for state employees if they use their position, job time or state property in connection with a political campaign.

"It’s somewhat surprising that the Secretary would be willing to flout state law and commit an ethics violation in order to support her employer," wrote RGA counsel Jessica Furst Johnson.

The complaint alleges that Kelly orchestrated the move.

"These circumstances indicate that Governor Kelly, in her official capacity, coordinated with her Chief of Staff to direct Secretary Howard to write this official letter in defense of her Campaign," the complaint states. "These actions directly violate at least two of the State’s public integrity statutes."

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Republican election group files ethics complaint after Laura Kelly's campaign challenged political ad

A national Republican group has filed an ethics complaint against a top state bureaucrat after Gov. Laura Kelly's campaign pressured Kansas television stations to remove a political advertisement critical of her. The Republican Governors Association alleges that Department for Children and Families Secretary Laura Howard violated law about state employee involvement in political activities.