Good Riddance: Kansas City 'Fight For $15' Killed Local Burger King Biz?!?

A quick social media questions deserves a moment of consideration for lunchtime. 

Here's a roundup of pandemic carnage suffered by Burger King in KCMO . . . A quote from our social media pals at a website mostly controlled by Chinese bots . . . 

What is happening to the KC MO BKs?

-71st & Wornall? Gone.

-Armor & Main? Gone.

-47th & Troost? Gone.

Thankfully, for anybody who REALLY wants a big greasy hamburger . . . There are locations nearby in JoCo & the Dotte. 

Moreover . . . 

The service at these places was ABYSMAL and locals actively told people to avoid them. 

We can blame the pandemic, fair wage fighting or some misguided felony rehabilitation program . . . But, more likely, it was the downright confrontational attitude of people who worked there that sparked the downfall of these places. To be fair, that might speak to the issues championed by protesters for higher wages given that there's no reason to be nice to customers for less than 12 bucks an hour. Sorry. 

Still . . . 

It's worth noting that the location on Mains Street  was the FIRST major protest target of "Fight For $15" activists. 

Now the Burger King has been forced to retreat from the Midtown corridor at no great loss to the populace. 

Developing . . .