Good Faith Network Helps Amid Worsening Hard Times In Golden Ghetto Johnson County

A quick link to resources and a mission that will become increasingly important as the global recession takes hold.

Here's a quick description of more people in an affluent suburb in need of help . . . Check-it . . .

Good Faith Network (GFN) has gathered statistics from various sources it considers reliable to show that in Johnson County on any given night 180 people are homeless and that nearly 93,000 people in the county experience mental illness even though there are only 10 mental crisis stabilization beds to serve both Johnson and Wyandotte counties combined.

Because people having mental crises often end up in emergency rooms or in jail because of a lack of facilities, Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden told the gathering at COR earlier this month this: “We’ve got a community problem and we need a community solution.”

Three Johnson County commissioners attended that meeting — Becky Fast, JaneĆ© Hanzlick and Shirley Allenbrand — and declared themselves eager to work with GFN to find structural solutions to both issues.

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Good Faith Network Targets Homelessness and Mental Health

Every day in wealthy Johnson County, Kansas, there are homeless people who can't find a safe place to sleep and people with mental health crises who, because they can't find professional help, end up in jail or in hospital emergency rooms. It doesn't have to be this way.