Downtown KC Stadium Conversation Reveals Most Local Sports Newsies Are Cowards

Too much?!?

Not really . . . 

We don't blame anybody for their cowardice . . . We all have to pay for our own snack cakes. 

Moreover . . . 

In Kansas City . . . Corrupt pro-sports teams tightly control access of anyone who offers too much criticism. 

Some have claimed there was a conspiracy to silence KK after he antagonized Coach Reid one time too many.

And so . . .

Here's a somewhat nice report that's mostly useless other than how it shows sports talker fanboys far too afraid to slam the greedy stadium idea . . .

In this 360 story, we hear from multiple perspectives, including:

- Executives from both teams
- A downtown Kansas City business leader
- Fans
- Author who warns of public financing
- Sports radio hosts

Read more via link . . .

360: Multiple perspectives on Chiefs and Royals stadium saga in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As part of KSHB 41 News' commitment to providing context and depth in our reporting, we've excited to share our latest project, which we're calling 360. This project takes stories and topics that our communities are talking about and explores different perspectives on the issue.