Desperate Kansas City Victims Turns To TikTok To Solve Violent Crime

A robbery attempt inspired terrified victims to turn to social media in order to help find justice.

Here's a peek at the testimony . . .

A TikTok with the photos she captured. The video has gotten more than 30,000 views in just a few short days.

“You know, it just goes to show I’m going to do everything I can on my own and with the community to try and get these people,” she said.

The victim's family has filed a police report with KCPD.

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'You're going down': Armed robbery victims in Kansas City post TikTok to catch suspects

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) --- A Kansas City family is trying to get their own justice through social media. After an armed robbery outside their home, the Davis family turned to Facebook and TikTok for help. The Davis family planned to pack up their luggage and head to a family wedding April 28th, but they were quickly interrupted.