Dangerous Kansas City Homeless Camp Dumping Ruins East Crossroads Inspiration

Our bloggy community always warned that extending the artsy idea of the crossroads Eastwards was never going to work.

Here's our sad suspicion proven correct . . .

Other east Crossroad businesses claim people are threatening customers, starting fires on corners, leaving needles behind and defecating in the street.

“I mean it’s a small village,” a nearby biz owner said. “You have clotheslines, you have somebody in a chair giving haircuts to other people, it’s a real serious problem.”

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East Crossroads businesses facing safety concerns near expansive homeless camp

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Businesses in the east Crossroads say they're fighting issues that go along with homelessness due to an expansive camp that stretches four blocks and can be seen from Highway 71. "On Highway 71 as you cross over the overpass, it's all you can see over there," said Tj Templeton , gallery director at the Bunker Center for the Arts .