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See how KC shoppers cash in on wholesale liquidation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Wholesale liquidation businesses are popping up all over Kansas City offering discount shoppers used, returned, or overstock inventory items at at least 40 to 50% off the retail price. Everything from furniture to home appliances, clothing to auto parts can be purchased, with some locations providing customers with online bidding platforms to auction on the goods from the comfort of their homes.

Kansas City Math Week Is Here! - Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools

May 9-13 Math week is a unique opportunity to come together as a community and engage all families for 5 nights with delightful math games and stories in the comfort of their own home. The games are provided FREE in English and Spanish. Through rich story-based mathematical experiences, families can build math confidence and [...]

Developer plans new Texas Roadhouse at former Sears site in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The national steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse is planning a new location in Overland Park. On Monday, the Overland Park Planning Commission voted 9-0 to approve a final development plan to construct the steakhouse at the former Sears Auto Center site.

Ready for a party? Check out South Kansas City's new events center

A new events center is now open in South Kansas City's historic Red Bridge area.

'No. 1 pick': Chiefs fans tie knot after selection during NFL Draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With the NFL Draft now in the books, Kansas City is already working on its plans to host the draft next year. But the past two drafts are going to be pretty tough to top for one Chiefs fan and his new bride.

Brad Austin: 'A Million Stories in His Head' - KC STUDIO

"I just want to celebrate people, you know?" says KCPT filmmaker and Emmy Award-winning producer Brad Austin, shown standing under the KCTV tower near the station on east 31st Street. (photo by Jim Barcus) The great Kansas City stories keep coming from documentary filmmaker Brad Austin, if only because he cares so much about finding the next hometown tale.

We♥KC - May 11-17, 2022 Upcoming Shows (Kansas City / Lawrence / Topeka KS)

Read More Danzig Incidentally, this "new" Misfits band doesn't feature Danzig, but is a bit of a superteam, featuring Dez Cadena (Black Flag) and Marky Ramone (he Ramones). ... Read more Kansas City Music Guide. Two "Destroyers", a herd of "Mavericks", an arena-sized throwback show, and more! Here's what's happening...

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