Conservative JoCo SOB Blogger Blames Republicans For Culture War Midterm Standoff

Single-issue voters can spell disaster for broad coalitions and we can trust MSM, social media and human nature to play up divisive drama.

And so,we share this moment of pause from one of our favorite local bloggers . . .

"Leave it to dipsh*t Republicans to once again ruin our chances of winning majorities in congress to fix things that actually make a difference to our lives.  Now the party, both parties, will turn into single issue strongholds, all using abortion in their own ways to try to either gain or regain power over the other important things in our lives."

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Republican Idiots

THIS BLOG DOES NOT DISCUSS ABORTION until now With all that is going on in this country and the world, the powers that be decide to bring giant abortion news into the fold? Did we not just go through 2 years of Covid hell? High inflation? Supply chain issues? Energy cost?