Climate Change Threat Dissuades Kansas City Gen Z From Starting Family

To be fair, other challenges to having babies for families just starting out might include:

Rising crime.

Horrific public schools. 

The threat of nuclear war . . . Maybe.

The worsening recession and income disparity confronting the U.S. since about 1963.

Gas prices.

And a shocking U.S. baby formula shortage. 

Then again . . . A quick look on social media and dating apps reveal that there's no shortage of single-mothers with bad tattoos looking for a good time. So there's hope.

Meanwhile . . .

Check this bit of progressive media testimony wherein Gen Z

"As climate change continues to threaten the well-being of the planet, young people around the world have suffered from anxiety and stress relating to global warming. And the future of the planet has become something to consider for Kansas Citians in their 20s and 30s choosing whether or not to have kids."

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Will climate change rob me of being a parent? Anxious Millennials, Gen Z question adding more children to Earth

Editor's note: This story is part of a series on climate change in the Kansas City region produced by the KC Media Collective to support and enhance local journalism so every person in Kansas City can lead a richer life.