Blog Seyz Neighborhood Groups Excluded From Kansas City Top Cop Conversation

Our neighbors on the south side claim that politics trumped real world community outreach in a recent conversation about the direction of the KCPD.

Here's their argument . . .

"The City has opted, once again, to listen to politicians over community. The last participating group listed, while representing south Kansas City, is a political organization headed by none other than former politician John Sharp. There are two groups in south KC which are umbrella organizations representing neighborhood groups and homes associations: The Center Planning and Developing Council covering the west side of south KC and The Southern Communities Coalition covering the east side. Neither was included.

'“The goal of these listening sessions is two-fold: To determine the qualities that the community feels will be most valuable in the next police chief, and to strengthen community trust between Kansas City area residents and the KCMO police department.”

"It might be easier to strengthen that community trust if community organizations had actually been asked be a part of the coalition holding the listening sessions."

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South Kansas City Advocates: Again, Community Loses Out